GetHomeSafe - Personal Safety App - 1000x SMS Credit

  • $70.00

Purchase 1000 SMS credits for our free safety app GetHomeSafe - Personal Safety,  to upgrade your use of the app. 

  • Get alerts to your nominated contacts noticed with SMS and email
  • Get SMS reminders to yourself to check-in as planned
  • You can also purchase SMS credit for other users or for multiple users 

*** Rates are heavily discounted from the in-app purchase prices ***


Use the GetHomeSafe - Personal Safety app to share what you are doing and set a time to check-in, if you fail to check-in as planned GetHomeSafe will alert your nominated contacts.

Alerts include GPS tracking, activity details, notes taken and even remaining battery!

The clever part is alerts are sent by our server, not your phone, meaning not matter what goes wrong and alert is always sent. 

Using the app in it's free mode relies on Email only alerts and notifications. Add some SMS credit to your GetHomeSafe account to unlock the more reliable use of SMS alerts and notifications. 

Please nominate which GetHomeSafe user name you would like your SMS credit loaded to. 

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